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Villain Rebel Luxury Perfume Gift Set for Men 4x20 ML | Perfume with Long Lasting Fragrance | EDP

Villain Rebel Luxury Perfume Gift Set for Men 4x20 ML | Perfume with Long Lasting Fragrance | EDP

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Dark, Daring & Desirable, Villain Rebel Combo consists of four strong, unique, and long-lasting 20ml fragrances that bring out the beast in you. One for each mood, Villain Eau De Parfum 20ml is for the classy demeanor, while Villain Oud Eau De Parfum 20ml will bring out your seductive instincts. Then, we have Villain Snake Eau De Parfum 20ml to help you embrace your inner wickedness, and Villain Hydra Eau De Parfum 20ml will give you instant freshness, anytime and anywhere. So, dare to revolt every single day with Villain Rebel Combo and keep your villainous vibe alive!

  • 4 Irresistible Scents; One Combo Pack: A blend of four cool and unique scents, Villain Rebel Combo is designed to complement the fearless attitude of a villain. It consists of Villain Eau De Parfum, Villain Oud Eau De Parfum, Villain Snake Eau De Parfum and Villain Hydra Eau De Parfum, each for 20ml
  • Long-lasting, Masculine & High-Quality Fragrance: Villain ensures that all of its perfumes for men are long-lasting, and give off the ultimate macho vibe. Each of the scents in the Rebel Combo are high-quality fragrances that will help you stand out in its own wicked way
  • Spicy, Woody, Musky & Other Notes: Villain Rebel Combo is packaged with scents that will have heads turning everywhere for you. From a range of Spicy, Smoky, Musky, Aquatic & many other notes, take your pick and bring out your villainous vibe everywhere you go
  • Suited for all occasions: These 20ml Eau De Parfums can be carried anywhere because of their small size, perfect build and fragrances that will suit every occasion. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, informal or formal events, late night parties, and even when travelling, these scents will never disappoint. Get your value for money with this premium fragrance.
  • Ideal Gift For Men: Villain is a brand that makes products specifically for bold men. So, gifting this incredible Rebel Combo to the men in your life will not only bring out their best but will also keep their wicked vibe alive!
  • Skin Friendly: Villain perfumes for men are extremely skin-friendly and safe to use. Villain Rebel Combo consists of the best perfumes for men out there, which you can apply on neck or wrists for best results, and also on your clothes
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Spicy, Musk , Aquatic, Wood 
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