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PIF PAF Mosquito Killer Liquid Electric Device Kit | 30 & 60 Nights Refill

PIF PAF Mosquito Killer Liquid Electric Device Kit | 30 & 60 Nights Refill

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PifPaf Liquid Mosquito Killer provides 100% protection against mosquitoes all night long. This ultimate value pack consists of a kit including a 30 night refill and a extra 60 night refill. Formulated with active ingredients, is a powerful and convenient solution to offset mosquitoes and serve as the first line of defence against potential diseases and health hazards. The device starts working typically 5 min after plugged in. On top, the device has a superior heating system that ensures low electricity consumption and the dual-mode machine with high and low-intensity modes, make sure you and your family stay protected always. Liquid Vaporiser bottle shall last for 30 nights in approved use of 8 hours per night. HOW TO USE: 1. Remove the plastic cap of the liquid refill. 2. Screw the liquid refill bottle slowly into the device anti-clockwise. 3. Increase the level of protection by moving the slider. 4. Direct plug the machine and the indicator light will light when connected.

  • 100% protection from mosquitoes
  • Works effectively all night long
  • Instant action against mosquitoes that spread diseases like Dengue and Malaria
  • Brand Name : PIF PAF
Item form Liquid
Item weight 0.06 Grams
Target species Fly, Mosquito
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